Conker Gin Review – “A lovely bright Gin”


I’m lucky enough to be a fairly regular visitor to Dorset.  One of the first things we do when we arrive in Swanage is go to a lovely local delicatessen to stock up with goodies – which always includes a bottle of Conker.

I’ve enjoyed this gin fairly regularly since we found it a couple of years ago…  Somewhere I seem to remember reading the original plan was for the founder, Rupert Holloway, to make the gin in antique style bottles.  I’m rather pleased this didn’t happen; I think both the bottles and branding are an instant classic.

Made with local New Forest Spring Water, Conker Gin’s botanicals are:  Juniper, coriander, orris root, cassia bark, elderberries, locally harvested gorse flowers (a photo of these recently made the Conker Instagram page), samphire, orange, angelica root, lime peel.

So… what does Conker Gin taste like?

Conker Gin has a bright clean nose that’s led by a fine balance of citrus and juniper.  I think there’s a bright freshness to the taste led by citrus. some gentle floral notes, and a very satisfying smooth and lingering finish.  (Depending on on the tonic water you use Conker can make a dangerously sweet G&T that keeps you coming back for more!).  We generally use lime to garnish, but really works well with any citrus fruit.


This is a really lovely gin, and a firm favourite at home.  Vera Gin Rating : 9/10

Where to buy:

Conker Gin is currently available on Amazon Prime for £39.97 for 70cl.  (Worth mentioning that Conker has just launched a really interesting Cold Brew Coffee Liquor that definitely needs to be tried!).

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PS:  Rupert’s blog is well worth a read – especially if you ever dream of chucking it all in and making a serious career change to distill gin!