Cardinal Gin Review

cardinalI am traveling in the USA with my day job.  After a frustrating week of only being offered “The Usual Suspects” I have finally found a rather exciting organic American gin to write about!

Cardinal is a small batch craft gin made by Southern Artisan Spirits in Kings Mountain, North Carolina using only organic botanicals.

This could no way be described as a ‘traditional’ gin; drunk alone this gin makes for a very adventurous Gin & Tonic.  Initially there are some lovely hints of bright citrus and juniper.  These quickly move to warming spice tones; I tasted cinnamon, cardamon and clove – this middle stage really lingers for several seconds before you get a crisp minty finish.

As a G&T this deserves to be drunk alone…  On my third (I do my research properly!) I forgot to tell the bartender to hold the lime – the result rather spoiled the hat trick!

The following day I had lunch at The Pit (which if you’re ever in Raleigh is a must visit) where spotted a Cardinal Gin Cocktail:  The Herb and Ginny:  Cardinal Gin, Citrus and basil with a splash of soda.  Two of these were a rather refreshing start to lunch on an unseasonably warm day.

Cardinal Gin is a lovely, lovely gin.  I will definitely be finding a bottle of this to take home before I finish my trip.  Vera Gin Rating : I’m going to give this a whopping 9/10

In the UK the only stockist appears to be Uvinum, where with P&P 75cl comes to just under £55.

Website: Twitter: @CardinalGin