It’s all about Gin:

My Grandmother – who was kind, lovely, and always smelled of freshly baked cakes showed me how to make her a Gin & Tonic when I was small enough to need to stand on a stool to reach the kitchen counter.

These were outrageously strong and made with Gordon’s and Schweppes; no measure was used.  I was fascinated by the ceremony, and carefully followed her instructions after being told how to stop pouring the gin when the four ice cubes I’d been shown to use started to float, before adding the tonic and pre-cut lemons from a jar.

I’ve recreated this gin recipe in adult life and measured the spirit used…  I conservatively estimate each must have contained at least 75ml of gin!).

This blog contains some Gin Cocktail Recipes, gin reviews and musings about bars, venues and other ‘gin related experiences’ – I hope you enjoy.

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